Volunteer to set-up or put away the K/Pre-K nets and field equipment.

The job takes approximately 30 minutes for one person to do
(even less time if more people sign up).

You can do this job just once. Your contribution of 10-30 minutes during this
soccer season will be a big help! Check your child’s game schedule, perhaps
you will already be at the fields for the first or last game of the day and can
pitch in.

There are three volunteer spots available for each date, but we need at least
one person per date.



Time: 8:15 am Saturday.
Location: K/Pre-K fields.

Here’s a map (click to enlarge):

Net Map

When you arrive at the fields you will find all of the equipment you need on
the ground near the fields. (If it’s not there when you arrive, just wait a few
minutes and someone will bring it by).

The nets are kept in black bags. Two nets are in each bag. There will be 8
bags (one bag for each field). The bags look like this:


You will also find eight field number signs and two Kids Zone signs:

You will also find a spindle of cones inside a bin. The cones look like this:


1) Set up the nets

When you take the nets out of the bags they will pop open automatically.
Leave the black net bags in the bin that the cones were in.
The nets have three stakes, one at each corner and one in the back.
Set them up like this at the end of each field:



2) Place the cones on the lines outlining each field
Approximately 1 cone every 10 feet around each field.
Leave any remaining cones on the spindle and put the spindle back into the
bin. Place the bin underneath one of bleacher seats.

3) Set up the signs
Stick the field number signs into the ground at the corner of the appropriate
field. Place the Kids Zone signs at the outer edges of the area.

Here is a map showing exactly where to put the field number signs,
the Kids Zone signs, the nets, and the cones (click to enlarge):

The fields are usually wet with dew in the morning.
Your feet might get wet and messy, so dress accordingly.

That’s it. Thanks!


Time: 2:00 pm Saturday.
Location: K/Pre-K Fields.

Take down the nets after the last game, which ends at 1:00pm.

1) Pick up the nets
The nets are staked into the ground. Pull out the stakes, fold the nets and
place them into the net bags (two nets per bag). You will find the bags for
the nets inside a bin which is usually under the bleacher seats or in the
general area.

Folding the nets is easy, but can be a little tricky. Grasp each corner of the
net with your hands and twist the end labelled “Twist Here” like a handle.
Twist it in the direction the arrow shows while holding the other corner
steady with your other hand. The whole net will twist into a figure-8 shape
which you can fold in half and place into the bag. If the net is not twisting
into a figure-8 shape, you are either twisting the corner in the wrong
direction or are twisting the wrong corner.

2) Pick up the cones
You’ll find the spindle for the cones inside the bin that had the net bags in it.

3) Pick up the field number and Kid Zone signs
There should be six field number signs and two Kids Zone signs.

4) Return the equipment to the storage container
See map above for location of storage container. It’s the big blue metal
container near the baseball field.
Here’s a photo of it:

The storage box will be unlocked. Just place the equipment neatly inside.
Someone will lock it later in the day, so don’t worry about that.

– Leave any water bottles or toys kids have left behind on a bleacher seat.
– Take left-behind soccer balls with you to the storage container and leave
them inside.
– If you have a minute to pick up any trash left on the fields, that would be nice.
There are usually a few empty drink bottles and plastic cups on the ground.
Trash cans are right next to the fields.