Thank You BSC Supporters! – A Note from Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo

May 30, 2013

Dear Swope Soccer Village Supporter:

Today is a monumental day. Today the Kansas City Missouri City Council approved a contract to fully design and build a new $13.5 million expansion to the soccer fields at Swope Park. This is a project we have fought for ever since I viewed the fields back in 2008. The plan has gone through many changes but now we will finally be constructing the new Swope Park Soccer Village.

I always had two requirements for the project. First, that it expand and improve opportunities for youth soccer in the urban core. Second, that it was an economically viable project that did not cost the tax payers any additional money. We have accomplished both of those goals.

The plan includes 5 new synthetic turf fields. These are full professional size pitches, meaning that multiple youth games will be able to be played at one time. Since they are synthetic they will be able to be played on in all weather conditions.

All the fields will be lit, allowing for evening games. In addition to 5 synthetic fields, a natural grass “championship” field, with stands, will also be constructed.

There will be two new concession stands and fully remolded restrooms. A new traffic light will be place at 63rd and Lewis road and 240 new parking spaces will be added, bringing the total number of spots to over 550.

We will soon have a soccer village that can compete with what the suburban areas already have, and we will have the added benefit of placing it in the unique setting of the nation’s second largest municipal park – Swope Park.

We could not have done it without you! You wrote Jackson County, you wrote the Council, you showed the city why this was so important, why urban youth soccer should be supported and expanded.

I need to thank the Brookside Soccer members for their support and passion for the project. I need to thank Soccer Village Properties and their staff; their design and building of the soccer village will ensure that it is of world class quality. I need to thank Mayor Sly James and his staff, as well as County Executive Mike Sanders and his staff. Everyone has put in countless hours in negotiations and created compromises that brought the Swope Soccer Village to this point. Finally I would like to thank my Council colleagues for their support. They shared the vision of a park that would provide a world class place for our youth to enjoy recreational sports in the heart of our city. They saw a project that would be an economic driver for the park, the surrounding neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

Again, today is a day to celebrate. You will start to see action at the park right away. I thank you for your support for this project and your passion for youth soccer.

Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Circo