Friday Night Under the Lights (Pre-K and K Games)

October 19, 2011

This Friday (October 21st) is the “Friday Night Under the Lights” games for Pre-K and K divisions. Schedules are now available to view on our website and your account.

Length of time for each team is 45minutes (15 for warm-up/practice and 30 for game). The games will be played on the turf field and below is a link of the field lay-out.

Please do not have any GUM, PETS, or FOOD (ESPECIALLY SUNFLOWER SEEDS) on the turf field.

There will be a lot of traffic entering and leaving Swope Park, so please be safe and drive slow.

We appreciate all of your cooperation and if you have any questions please contact our Executive Director, Christopher Beier, at the following email address:

We will see you Friday night!

Friday Night Under The Lights