If you have questions about the Brookside Soccer Club, check out our FAQs page and you might find your answer immediately.

If you you’d like to contact BSC, fill in the information below:

You may also contact individual coordinators or board members below.

Peter Sloan and Kevin Connor
P.O. Box 7192
Kansas City, MO 64113
United States

Nick Garcia
Executive Director

Tim Gaarder
P.O. Box 7192
Kansas City, MO 64113
United States


Jug Stanovcic
Referee Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator

Scott Shorter
Web Site/Communications Coordinator


Division Coordinators

Division Name Email
Pre-K Kenny Lee
Pre-K Sara Clark
Kindergarten Tamatha Leuschen
1st Grade Girls Jeff Johnson>
1st Grade Boys Pat Houtakker
2nd Grade Girls Jeff Johnson
2nd Grade Boys Pat Houtakker
3rd Grade Girls Tim Gaarder
3rd Grade Boys Megan FitzGerald
4th Grade Girls Tim Gaarder
4th Grade Boys Megan FitzGerald
5th/6th Grade Girls Eric Frye
5th/6th Grade Boys Hans Thomas
7th/8th Grade Girls Brian Makar
7th/8th Grade Boys Brian Makar
High School Peter Sloan